Decent citizens are unjustly treated

Politicians? “Apologies.” Decent citizens are unjustly treated

Think about this real-world situation how otherwise decent citizens are unjustly treated.

decent citizens are unjustly treated in Hoboken NJ - Decent citizens are unjustly treatedTake a “politician” like our own “Mayor.” She can fuck up left and right (blizzard plowing blunders, failure to deliver on campaign promises like “lower property taxes by 25% in the first year alone!”), and all she has to do is issue a sugar-coated press-release “apology,” or other deflecting excuse – despite the fact that TENS OF THOUSANDS of Hoboken residents were negatively impacted by their PERSONAL ineptitude.


Now take an ordinary individual like yourself. You also make mistakes. Say you accidentally parked on the wrong side of the street, or went over the “four hour limit” by a few minutes. YOU GET PUNISHED WITH STIFF MONETARY FINES AND THEFT OF YOUR OWN PROPERTY (via towing or boots).

You cannot issue an “apology” or a “I’ll try better next time” memo. They steal from you, while they also steal from everyone else!

Doesn’t that make you angry when you look at the facts?

I think it’s time to quantify the mistakes of politicians and make them PERSONALLY responsible (in a swift manner) – or else they’re completely removed from office and replaced with more competent “puppets.”

(Here’s a truly victimless offense. Some car is here on Sinatra Drive – obviously not taking up any “valuable” parking spots on the outskirts of town. Why immobilize their vehicle? Soulless bastards!)

victimless parking offense Hoboken NJ - Decent citizens are unjustly treated

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Friday, June 27, 2014 7:37 pm

This weapons-grade heavy handedness and commensurate ineptitude makes our local governing class ideally suited for the current IRS.

Friday, June 27, 2014 12:48 pm

Victimless? I say we are all the victims of a Mayor who pads the budget by booting and towing. She has robbed residents blind and holds a 4 million dollar surplus from this criminal offense.

I hold the residents of the town accountable in allowing this to happen by not getting out to vote in the election. We have always had a run off and if you are not paying attention things like, Zimmer changing the law by referendum so there does not have to be a runoff,
puts her in a power position that would never have been in more attentive voter base.
This placed her in a position to win with a small number of voters who belong to one demographic.

I won’t elaborate on the many harms in not having a representative that does not serve the Communiy-at Large.

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