Free Pilates at Columbus Park 2014

Former YMCA Pilates instructor offers free class in Hoboken

Amy Valent-Ribot, who used to teach Pilates over at the formerly-defunct Hoboken YMCA – is back again for 2014, offering some free Pilates classes at Columbus Park the next few Wednesday evenings. (Note that the classes were held in Elysian Park in past years…)

“Pilates in the Park” is 100% free. All you need to do is head to the park around 7pm Wednesday, June 25, July 9th & 16th (find the group of girls wearing “yoga pants”). Just bring your body and a yoga mat and you’re all set!”

You can also sign up at Amy’s website: (and this is a lot cheaper than $10k a year “fancy” pilates, that’s for sure!)

Free Pilates at Columbus Park in Hoboken NJ Amy Valent Ribot - Free Pilates at Columbus Park 2014

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