Hoboken Students receive scholarships

Editor’s Note: Below is a nice story involving a couple local students. However, is it just me, or has the word/phrase “scholarship” changed over the years? I recall when I was young that “scholarship” meant that your entire education was paid for. Since when did it become a literal “drop in the bucket?” Or has it always been this way?

Either way – I believe they should change the terminology to “Cost of education reduction donation” to clarify that it is in no way all-encompassing.

Two Hoboken High School students awarded Scholarships

The next generation of leaders can be found at Hoboken High School. Samantha Kluetfel and Jazmin Vergara were awarded the Carmelo Garcia Servant Leader Award. The one-thousand dollar ($1,000) scholarship is given out to students who have demonstrated leadership skills and a desire to give back to their community.

Samantha Kluetfel and Jazmin Vergara receive scholarship in Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Students receive scholarships

Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia, who established the scholarship several years ago, said it’s fitting that both students were selected to receive this honor. “Samantha Kluetfel and Jazmin Vergara have demonstrated the true qualities of a leader; compassion, generosity, and service to others,” said Garcia (D-33). “They should be supported and encouraged to reach their full potential. This scholarship money will help them pay for books, tuition, or anything else they may need at college. I wish them well as they pursue their dreams and inspire other young people to follow in their footsteps.”

Samantha Kluetfel will be attending Ramapo College next year. The 18 year old honor student is a peer leader and mentor, member of the Math Club, and she teaches underprivileged children how to ride horses. She plans to pursue a career as a physical therapist. Eighteen year old Jazmin Vergara will be attending Rutgers University. She’s also an honor student, a mentor, Treasurer of the Student Council, and a talented performer. Vergara also volunteers as an activity organizer for local seniors.

“These students have the drive and determination to succeed,” said Garcia. “That coupled with their desire to help others makes them exceptional young people. They epitomize my motto “I can, I will, watch me” make a difference!”

This is the fifth year the scholarship has been given out to deserving youth. In the past, one scholarship totaling one-thousand dollars was awarded to one student. But this time two were given out because both students were deemed outstanding servant leaders.

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