What do people do outside in Hoboken?

Sidewalk seating – what do people do outside in Hoboken anyway?

We’ve had some decent weather for the most part over the past few weeks. And all the Hoboken bars and restaurants have their outdoor areas set up. On paper it sounds like an easy question, but what do people do outside in Hoboken?

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What do people do outside in Hoboken

Answer: JACK SHIT (same as they do inside, while driving, etc.)

You’d think that when two “buds” get together for a drink at a Hoboken bar (like Stinky Sullivan’s), that they’d do at least one of the two (besides drink):

  1. Catch up on old times, family, current events of the world…
  2. “People watch” (laughing at others absorbed in their technology, count the double-wide strollers, fat chicks in yoga pants, etc.)


Look up put the phones down in Hoboken NJ

I stood on this intersection for a few minutes. These guys didn’t utter a word, make eye contact with one another, or take even a second to “look around” at life zooming by.

If more people looked up and turned their cell phones off, it would benefit them greatly. I mean don’t you feel weird out in a social situation, absorbed in your own little digital world? Can’t you do that at home?

What is the point of even going out and meeting up?

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What SOME people do in Hoboken is “people taunt” not people watch.
Maybe these are not even Hoboken residents. And if they’re not, I wish they
would learn some basic manners, or maybe just grown up behavior.
As Hoboken residents, long time Hoboken residents, we reserve the right to
get off the Path train at night on our way home from work, or wherever,
without being ridiculed for not being a “20-something”. This seems especially
prevalent at Texas Arizona. Talk about students being profiled at school.
What about older residents here being profiled by young drinkers, probably
not able to hold their liquor? We should not have to feel uncomfortable walking
by the outdoor drinkers at the bars without being made fun of. Grow up or go home.
You will not be a 20-something forever.


Not fair! They are waiting for the rest of the Techno Zombie Anonymous club where they will be learning social skills. I give them credit for showing up. One of the biggest steps is when they turn off their gadgets or leave them at home.


Me and my friends have been guilty of this hundreds of times over the past few years. But one day a few months ago we realized what we had become, and who we were slaves to and we decided at that moment that constantly being connected to some external waste of time was not in our best interest over the long haul. So a few of us made a pact to keep our internet terminals as we call them in our pockets unless we’re expecting a call. Everything else can definitely wait until later. This has done wonders. Wasn’t easy but it’s worth trying.