Hoboken Fish & Game?

What next, Hoboken Fish & Game Department?

You know how the trend goes with all levels of government, right? Practically anything is an excuse for a new law, regulation or paper-shuffling agency. Quite nauseating on it’s own, and even more stomach-upsetting because 99% of brain-dead doorknobs out there don’t give a crap. So while we’re at it – I figured out what could be the next bone-headed thing for Hoboken to do, based on a couple “wildlife” incidents that took place recently: The Hoboken Fish & Game Department!

Deer now roaming around Hoboken

Not too many people spotted Bambi on Hudson Street last week, but yes – it’s true: A friggin’ DEER was roaming around town!

How the hell did this fella even make it to town without getting hit by a car? Amazing. And where did it come from? We’re surrounded by decrepit urban sprawl. My guess it came down along The Palisades, or from the Liberty State Park area. No way it came from interior portions of the state. Only other possibility is that it was someone’s pet. Great. Now we’ll need annual deer licenses too.

Bambi Hoboken Deer Hudson Street

Fish finds way to walkway thanks to seagull

Myself and another pedestrian watched as a seagull yanked this blue fish right out of the Hudson. However, it was a bit too big for the bird to manage (around a foot long).

Not to interrupt the work of nature, we left the flapping fish to suffer so the bird(s) could come back and get their well-deserved meal.

I can only wonder how long all that fishing will go on along our piers before the city demands that permits are required.

Hoboken Fish Sinatra Drive Hudson River Seagull

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014 10:57 am

Apparently, something in the garbage is drawing the fawn. Not only are deers attracted to the urban garbage but also rats, opossums and crows.

My neighbor had a new littler of opossums in his yard and the a neighborhood of crows have taken up residence near the tennis courts.

They are of so happy to have the food but their fate is often sealed by dogs, cars and even menacing humans.

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