Tony Boloney – Dark meat chicken offends?

5 Second Review: Tony Boloney’s Pizza (“chicken”)

Tony Boloneys Dark Meat Chicken - Tony Boloney - Dark meat chicken offends?A departure from our usual “lengthy” 60 second review format, here’s a brief glimpse of the new Tony Boloney’s Pizza from Hoboken resident Michael.

“I ordered Tony Baloney’s tonight and got grilled chicken on a pizza. It was dog food. Please see the picture. Dark meat chicken? Really?”

411’s Take:

  • We don’t eat pizza anymore, but “dark meat” chicken is the best! Most flavorful and tender!
  • Why all the hate for dark meat chicken anyway? Where did that come from? I vaguely recall something similar in my childhood. Is it considered “low class” to some people?
  • From the photo, it appears that there is both white and dark meat (can anyone sing “We are the World?”), which means they might have actually used whole roasted chicken meat. Yeah, that’s a bit more “medieval,” but it’s “Paleo” too (which is “trending” these days). I guess they might have been used to the GMO reconstituted chicken on pizza at places like Sbarro or Domino’s?
  • Not sure why he’s complaining? “Grilled Chicken” can encompass ANY part of a chicken that’s grilled. Why do you feel entitled to only receive the breast?

But I can understand how Michael might have been thrown for a loop. It wasn’t “like everyone else’s pizza,” which can be troubling when you get stuck in a routine. But just a few seconds of observation, you’d probably see that it may have been quality poultry. And just because it had more of a “homemade” feel, doesn’t make it worse.

Then again, we didn’t taste it. If it was “low-end” Restaurant Depot quality chicken, perhaps there’s room for debate.

Would you mind “dark meat chicken” on pizza? Or are YOU a food racist?

Tony Boloney Dark Meat Chicken Hoboken NJ - Tony Boloney - Dark meat chicken offends?

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Sunday, June 22, 2014 9:03 pm

Real men don’t eat quiche or chicken on pizza

Friday, June 20, 2014 12:26 pm

I’d be more worried that Michael knows what dog food tastes like.

Reply to  Frankie
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 8:38 pm

I am more worried that the blossoming population of Metrosexuals are having a whining effect more annoying than the Helicopters that HOVER OVER HOBOKEN.

Man up and try the pizza with chicken gizzards next time![quote comment=”223310″]I’d be more worried that Michael knows what dog food tastes like.[/quote]

Angry Bird
Angry Bird
Friday, June 20, 2014 12:20 pm

This pizza looks like it really got torn apart. Ok, so some of the topping does look more like portobello mushrooms that chicken, but I almost always would rather dark meat. That generic white chopped chicken meat on most pizzas is alarmingly fake looking.

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