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Mile Square Dates – Will you find your match?

Hey hopelessly single folks – did you know there’s a new way to meet people in Hoboken? That’s right, besides getting sloshed at a bar (and lowly one-night stands), or shallow online dating that almost always is misrepresented in some fashion – Mile Square Dates hopes to solve your relationship quagmires!

Hoboken ladies Lauren, Mandvi and Myra decided that the Mile Square was missing something – a reliable speed dating / singles mixers experience.

Sure they pop up from time to time, but nothing really based in town. Yes, you can attend similar events nearby, like in NYC – but more often than not – Hoboken is “too far away” for those lazy city-folks just across the river, and would be considered a “long-distance” relationship at best (i.e., doomed from the get-go).

So over beers one night at the Brass Rail, the ladies – who were also “bitten” by the entrepreneurial “bug” – decided that Mile Square Dates would come to life.

Take a look at this brief video to get an idea of how it works, and read about some upcoming events (soon!) below!

Upcoming Events for Mile Square Dates in Hoboken

Myra said their events have something for everyone. “Our goal is to bring people together doing an event they all ready enjoy doing. Hopefully this makes for an enjoyable experience whether they spark with someone or not. It also gives people an activity to focus on so they are not as tense and have something to talk about. At our Cards Against Humanity event – you get a really good grasp on someone’s sense of humor. During our Wine Tasting event you get to discuss the subtle differences between the wines you’re enjoying. Even our speed dating events provide people with conversation sparking questions so you’re not stuck answering the same old, where do you live, what do you do for a living questions. And Singles Trivia Night will bring together trivia fans – they will already have an interest in common.”

Speaking of Trivia – one upcoming event takes place on Monday, June 30th over at the Black Bear ($15 now, $25 as of June 23rd!)

“Come put your heads together and win a few rounds of trivia… and love. To start off, we’ll arrange you with a small group of trivia lovers. After some rounds of trivia, the guys will switch over to a table of new partners and the ladies await their new dates. But wait! There’s more! There will be multiple prizes for multiple winners. So register today for trivia, prizes, and love. It’s a win-win-win!”

Register for that event and others on their events page!

PS – they have LOTS of ladies (almost too many) and not nearly enough MEN registered! So guys, what are you waiting for?

Mile Square Dates Singles Trivia Night Hoboken NJ Black Bear

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