Hoboken Photo Leftovers for June 21st

Hoboken photo remains of the week: June 21, 2014

6:51am today marked the official start of Summer 2014, the day with the most sunlight of the year!

Essentially from here on out, we will have less hours of sunlight every day (until the first day of Winter in December). Note that doesn’t necessarily mean that the sun “sets” sooner – as sunrise gradually gets later first! (For example – the sun will set at the same time on July 4th as tonight (8:31pm) but will rise five minutes later in the AM (5:30am vs. 5:25am).

But by the end of July, the sun will be setting around 8:13pm, and rising just eight minutes before six! That’s 45 minutes less light than today!

Hoboken Photo Leftovers June 21 2014 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers for June 21st

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: {#KIDGLUT} Proof positive Hoboken is less a transient town than 10 years ago – Bright Horizons Family Solutions expanded into the new Maxwell Place building as we told you several months ago!
  • Photo 2: {#AHHH} Summer is here when you see people abound and the fountains “operational” at Pier A Park.
  • Photo 3: {#STILLEMPTY} We mentioned that the old Liberty Bar was rumored to become a BBQ joint. So far, no signs of life.
  • Photo 4: {#COMMERCIAL} Pearson Education’s new HQ still a year away from occupation.
  • Photo 5: {#FISHY} Slow & steady, the Stingray Lounge is nearing completion. Fresh seafood (that’s not sushi) coming soon to uptown Hoboken!
  • Photo 6: {#FOREVER} I haven’t seen much work going on at Kiddie Academy downtown. Wonder what the holdup is?
  • Photo 7: {#SOON} The folks at the latest “Prime Time” convenience store on 14th St. are plugging along. Summer 2014 expected opening.
  • Photo 8: {#SLOW} Jeez. What is taking Smoke & Barrel sports bar so long? City Hall?

Typical summer thundershowers possible this weekend. Stay aware of the forecast!

About Hoboken Photo Leftovers

Hoboken Photo Leftovers is part of the Hoboken411 Photo of the Day series.

These are photos that didn’t necessarily warrant an individual posting on Hoboken411.

They may have been related to other stories – or completely independent. These photographs are remnants of our travels in the past week. But equally important in maintaining an historical record of “life as we know it” in the Mile Square City.

At the same time, these photographs may also mirror the unique personal opinion of the publisher of Hoboken411.com.

Regardless, the pictures add to the “virtual encyclopedia” that this site now represents. Thank you for your readership!

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