Hillary Takes Hoboken


I mentioned earlier what last nights Primary results were, including Hoboken votes.

However, what about each individual ward? If you’re still interested, read on for an in-depth analysis:

Hillary Takes Hoboken, Mile Square for McCain

hillar clinton wins hoboken vote in primary feb 2008 - Hillary Takes Hoboken

Hoboken supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton were all smiles last night following a near sweep of the Mile Square City, though the numbers show Barack Obama boosters put up a close fight. Numbers released by the City Clerk last night show Clinton won every ward but the sixth, beating Obama 4397 to 3981. (Final numbers may vary slightly after the county gets through with them.)

The Presidential Primary really has little to do with city politics, even though a few members of the city council professed their support for one candidate or another. Still, we found some interesting results in a district-by-district analysis of the vote. “Old school” Hoboken and Hispanics went for Clinton along with non-BNR residents in the “middle aged” to senior age groups. Younger Hobokenites went for Obama. Clinton’s best wards were the first and third, while Obama won the sixth. The second and fifth wards were essentially split between the two Senators.

Read each Ward breakdown AFTER the jump…

(ward analysis continued…)

First Ward – Clinton 785, Obama 642

Clinton was strongest in the first ward’s 2nd district, dominated by the regulated old-school Hoboken rentals at MarineView Towers. In the 1-2 Clinton beat Obama 223-147. The 1-1 includes the largely hispanic Applied buildings, and it went big for Clinton 108-79. The 1-6 including the 17-story senior citizen building on Bloomfield went for Clinton 119-70 (see the trend here?)

The 1-4 inlcudes luxury condos at 415 Newark Street, while the 1-5 inlcudes the expensive rentals at the Archstone at 77 Park. These were the First Ward districts Obama won, and they are filled with younger and more affluent professionals.

Second Ward – Clinton 649, Obama 648

A virtual tie, the trend of Hispanics and older voters for Clinton vying with younger and newer residents for Obama. Stevens students and affluent new residents of Maxwell Place carried the 2-1 for Obama 107-56. Affluent residents along Hudson Street in the 2-2 also went with Obama 158-118. The 2-3 dominated by The Shipyard and Hudson Tea complexes went for Obama 150-129.

Clinton carried the brownstone lined 2-4 as well as the mix of brownstones and Applied Housing in the 2-5. Applied also went big for Clinton in the 2-6, 127-48.

hoboken clinton mccain primaries - Hillary Takes Hoboken

Third Ward – Clinton 782, Obama 650

4 out of 5 districts in the third ward went to Clinton. Obama only won the northwest 3-4 district west of Adams and north of Sixth 154-138. All the other old school Italian neighborhoods of the 3rd ward, as well as Church Towers, Clock Towers and senior buildings went Clinton’s way. Councilman Michael Russo is an outspoken Obama supporter. While some will taunt him for losing his own ward to Clinton, others may be impressed with how many of his constituents voted for Barck – uh, I mean Barack — considering the demographics of the ward. The bottom line is whether you like them or not there is little to read in the fortunes of ANY local politician in the results of a presidential primary.

Fourth Ward – Clinton 887, Obama 704

Now, if you are thinking the minorities of the Hoboken Housing Authority Projects came out big for Obama while the white yuppies in the Sky Club went for Clinton, you are thinking WRONG. The HHA-dominated 4-3 and 4-4 went for Clinton 201-122 and 230-173. The 4-1 went also for Clinton 261-190. This district includes the old-school, third ward-like neighborhood on the north end, and the Oz on the south end. The younger, whiter, more affluent Skyclub/Skyline/Hoboken Grande-dominated 4-2 went for Obama 219-195. Go figure.

Fifth Ward – Clinton 749, Obama 730

Much like the second ward, the fifth ward was very close. If this were a Hoboken council race there would probably be a recount and a court challenge! Nearly every district in the fifth ward was a close split between the two candidates, so our breakdowns don’t apply in the fifth as well as they do in other wards.

Sixth Ward – Obama 607, Clinton 545

The lack of a large Hispanic vote for Clinton here may explain why the sixth ultimately tilted to Obama. While wards 1, 2, and 5 have large Applied Housing complexes with active Hispanic voting blocks and the fourth ward has a large Hispanic population in the HHA, the sixth ward does not. The 6-4 (including one of the Church Towers buildings) went for Clinton. Mayor (and former sixth ward councilman) David Roberts can say he helped carry Hoboken for Hillary, even though his own ward went for Obama.

What about the Republicans you say?

Republicans turned out for John McCain, who easily trounced all others in Hoboken. The Arizona Senator got 1022 Hoboken votes, followed by Mitt Romney with 353. Ron Paul outpolled Mike Huckabee in Hoboken 115 to 62. Only 1613 republicans voted here, compared to 8521 Democrats, though more Hoboken Republicans probably would have voted if Rudy Giuliani had still been in the race. A much different percentage compared to the Hoboken411 poll to the left.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 5:49 pm

Bill drops the Divorce bomb on Hillary a couple of months after she loses Ohio and Texas !!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008 7:05 pm

phishphan – re: “delegates want to select”

he politicians have an addiction to party loyalty. The democrats are no different than the republicans, loyalty is the lifeblood of the party. Unless a new party forms out of these current events in the primaries which it has in the distant past we will see no changes.

“Loyalists” look it up.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 5:51 pm

I think most important is that the delegates want to select the candidate who gives them the best option of winning the general election. Clinton has won some key Democratic states while some of Obama’s wins have come in states that historically go Republican anyways.

The latest Gallups are showing Obama 4 pts over McCain in a general, Hillary down 1. I always find these polls on a general election so useless b/c its an electoral college that controls, not a popular vote, so you need to win the important states.

No state was more important in ’04 than Ohio, upcoming, and in ’00 Florida, and who really knows how significant Clinton’s ‘victory’ was there.

I think its still to be decided, media is spinning the Obamamentum out of control, and with a campaign which will be as drawn out as this one, there will be more ebbs and flows and silly other words CNN makes up.

If she loses Ohio its over, if she can blow his doors off, she could lock it up right there.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 5:22 pm

This blog has a good count on the superdelegates and a list of who there are.


Loyalties will come into play here, remember Hillary is a DNC Party veteran active for nearly 40 years with ties to most of the SuperDelegates, and Obama is the upstart.

In politics loyalty really is everything.

oh well okay
oh well okay
Wednesday, February 13, 2008 5:11 pm

the clintons will not go away quietly. this is going to get very ugly imo.

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