Boil Water Advisory


Even though today’s broken water main was fixed over eight hours ago, the Hoboken city website still has a boil water advisory on the home page. Although they’ve been updating their site with better regularity compared to previous years, I’d reckon it’s a bit outdated.

I personally have drank plenty of water without boiling and feel fine! But that’s just me and my super-human strength. Better safe than sorry, right?


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i received some very helpful information from United Water after i emailed them. they said that they are the ones to issue boil-water advisories and that there was never one in effect. so, in my opinion, it seems that the ineptitude lies with the City of Hoboken, in terms of poor communication. they could have recommended that people boil water, as they did, but they had an OBLIGATION to clearly state that it was being recommended in an abundance of caution and did not reflect the mandates of United Water or the NJ DEP


I recommend drinking only beer to be safe. You know, until this blows over. :mrgreen:


I was at a restaurant and informed the waitress there was a boil water advisory since she was giving everyone tap water. She didn’t understand what I was talking about, though.