What “good” does social media do?

For businesses: What good is social media? Really…

Anyone who runs a “small business” gets pitched that a strong “social media presence” is of the most utmost importance.

But is it really? What “good” does social media do exactly?
Social media waste of time

  • Why is it necessary?
  • What would happen if you did NOT have a social media presence?
  • Can having a “strong” social media presence eventually HURT you much faster too?
  • Is it all just a waste of time?
  • What are better alternatives?

And the reason I bring this up – is because of an upcoming hamburger “chain” from NYC that is coming to Hoboken: Bareburger.

I’ve casually watched their Twitter feed for the past several months. I had a tab open in my browser, and curiously wanted to see what their “timeline” offered.

Social Media for “brands” just a waste of time?

You know what I get from this whole “twitter feed?” Pretty much jack shit. They offered next to NOTHING when it comes to substantial caring, interactivity, etc. They were just “appeasing the attention hungry beasts…” as far as I’m concerned. They were there for “damage control,” on one end and “bland distractions” on the other. I felt it was highly shallow and unbecoming of a brick & mortar business to take such a (perceived) stronghold in a digital domain – when they sell real molecules called burgers and shit. Maybe online socializing should be limited to online businesses?

bareburger tweet us too

For one, I’ll bet that 99% of “social media managers” that any business is stupid enough to hire, is under 30 years old, thinks they’re smarter than the rest of the world (combined – because they’re “good at Googling.”) Sure, they probably can “navigate the waters” of the frenzy called “social media” better than your average Joe (thanks to millisecond attention spans), but what does “better” mean in a sea full of superficial bullshit anyway?

bareburger tweet yum yum

Secondly, I see “update” after “update,” and they really don’t stand for anything. Five word responses. Mere “recognition,” or blips from some anonymous idiot who’s responsible for handling a “brand name.” Even when there were “serious” customer service complaints, all you got was “sorry” and “we hope to fix that..” nothing substantial. They must have felt they “deterred” that angry customer simply by acknowledging them and saying sorry “publicly.” I call bullshit.

bareburger tweet get crazy

And the fact that the entire “customer service log” is publicized is a bit of a concern.

Sure, you might think because a “small business” like Bareburger might be different because they “only” have a dozen or so locations. And compared to the social media “teams” that places like McDonald’s or Burger King has is significant -it doesn’t matter. You’re having shallow 140 character bullshit chats in an instant. Impersonal. The owner is not the one chatting on these bullshit streams anyway.

Which brings me to my final point. I believe business should stay the hell OUT of all social media. Let social media be the cesspool it really is. For bottom-dwellers to talk about nonsense. Sure we send out “blasts” as well – but very RARELY engage in lengthy so-called “conversations” with people we don’t even know. Every now and then your emotions (or timing) can get the best of you – but it’s your best bet to REMOVE yourself from this lowest common-denominator of a “social environment” and focus on real customer service. FACE TO FACE.

Bareburger tweet worth it

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The businesses use social media to compete for the short attention spans of the younger people. But it’s mind-numbing marketing in the long run. I have no desire to see what a burger joint is doing on a daily basis.


Is it ironic that I got to this anti-social media rant by clicking on the link you posted on Twitter? :0\

But seriously I do feel that there is value to using social media. The trick is to keep it balanced and consistent. The only way it could hurt is if you lose track of why you do it. I for one use it to let people know what’s going on at my place of business. Sometimes to engage in so-called useless (but fun) conversation. Other times to address the concerns of customers. It can be a very useful tool.

I would never hire anyone to do that for me. I do agree with you on that point. The only way any marketing works is if the person doing it has a passion for the business. And in the case of small mom & pop joints, that has to be the owner.

As for face-to-face interaction being better; Of course it is. It always will be, but we need to get people to come in to our place first. And so many consumers now rely on what they see or read on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to help make their decisions.

Which brings me back to my original point … Twitter is how is found this very post.