Hoboken student excels to the top

Hoboken School Valedictorian Leslie Markevitch headed to Bucknell

Here’s a great success story today. Despite the fact that the Hoboken Public School System is quite possibly the worst run organization (with near bottom-barrel “scores” in the state – and even worse “administrators” and “activist parents”), there are always strong, diligent and well-parented students that rise to the top and excel. One such student who graduated is Leslie Markevitch.

Last night she received over SEVEN top awards in academics, some merit scholarships and was considered the number one student in her class for four consecutive years.

While this is stupendous, want to hear something sad? The school “inadvertently” left her name off the website with her graduating class. How do you “overlook” such a prominent superstar of a student? You don’t. It’s a glaring example of the pettiness that exists within the parent/school cult in this town. Rather than offer support, congratulations and respect – parents here are envious, spiteful and shallow. Oh well. A good lesson for kids: Don’t be like that!

Good luck to Leslie at Bucknell University – and read more below!

Leslie Markevitch Hoboken High School Valedictorian 2014 - Hoboken student excels to the top

Role model: Hoboken High School Valedictorian Leslie Markevitch

Throughout her high school career, Leslie has taken Advanced Placement courses in Biology, US History, Studio Art, Language & Composition, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, US Government and Literature & Composition. She has also taken online courses through Virtual High School (VHS) including Russian Language & Culture and Advanced Web Design.

Leslie has also been involved in the Drama club where she participated in the three of the school’s plays as well as the STANJ and NJ Thespian theater competitions. During Thespians she won a Superior Award for her Dramatic Monologue. She is also a layout designer for the yearbook staff, an editor for the school’s literary magazine, Create, and president of the Math Club. She is also a student athlete and has played soccer in the fall for the Lady Redwings.

Leslie was also inducted into the National Honor Society as a 10th grade student where she now serves as secretary. She is also secretary of the Senior Student Council where she has continued to promote and volunteer her services for those in need. She was involved in the Jump Start program to mentor and bond with younger students to promote school spirit and a successful high school transition.

During her time she has also been involved in the Harvard Model Congress, which is a government simulation for high school students hosted by Harvard students where she traveled to San Francisco. Additionally, she served as a Senator in Judicial committee and was also involved in Special Committee National Economic Council.

Outside of school Leslie currently works part time at Joielle, an online bridal shop, as an Operations Assistant and she recently began writing as a Staff Writer for Sex, Etc., a national teen health magazine sponsored by Rutgers University. She is also a certified SafeSitter.

Leslie has received many awards during her tenure here. She has won three Poetry Out Loud recitation competitions, American Mathematics Competition, HCATA Judge’s Choice award during Teen Arts for her artwork.

In her spare time Leslie enjoys painting, drawing, acting, singing, being outdoors and photographing and exploring the world around her.

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Elizabeth Markevitch
Elizabeth Markevitch
Sunday, June 15, 2014 11:11 am

I am thankful that Leslie has been blessed with outstanding teachers and staff at the high school both present and past.
They went above and beyond the call of duty to be there to help her whenever she had questions or needed help .She often she took advantage that the teachers came in early and stayed later after school to help.
They also pushed her to grow, demanding that she increase her abilities and develop continually.

For clarification –Leslie was contacted on June 12 regarding information for the school website from the admin.
Why outgoing Superintendent Toback left off the name of the Valedictorian and Salutatorian Alex Yoon-Hendricks from his final address regarding the class of 2014 is puzzling. Perhaps he was too busy preparing his farewell letter to the district.

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