Hoboken Sandwich Board Update

Do sandwich board marketing signs work in Hoboken?

Local businesses will do whatever it takes to make those few extra bucks. And placing old-school sandwich boards on the sidewalk (despite no one looking because they’re all heads down with their social media timelines) is still a prevalent practice!

dear hannah clothing store talks about chocolate and carbohydrates

I found this sign outside dear hannah, ladies clothing shop a bit interesting and odd at the same time.

“Chocolate is good, but clothes are carb-free”

Well, for starters – good she’s emphasizing the importance of a carbohydrate-restricted diet. But who cares if clothes have carbs or not? You don’t eat them! Talk about comparing apples to oranges!

And quality DARK chocolate (over 72%) is actually an “approved” treat for low-carbers, and can actually help you lose body fat!

But if she could use some real advice – figure out a way to stop all that GROSS bird-shit on your awning! I bet that’s carb-free too, but it’s plain disgusting!

dear hannah low carb clothes Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Sandwich Board Update

Is Anthropologie on the soon-to-be doomed list?

Not sure about you – but almost every time I walk by Anthropologie – it appears very “lightly trafficked.” Wonder if they’re doing okay. I mean are they making the rent?

But they’re reaching out to one of the biggest growing demographics in Hoboken. The stroller crowd! So they might be a bit desperate – having regular “Mommies & Me” events. Hmm. We’ll check back in a year to see if they’re still here. But as long as the Wall Street husbands are doing okay, perhaps Anthropologie has a chance?

Anthropologie Hoboken NJ desperate for stroller moms - Hoboken Sandwich Board Update

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