Are you supporting the right candidate?


It’s my belief that quite a few people just jump on the political bandwagon, and don’t really understand what their candidate (or any other for that matter) stands for.

Here’s an interesting website that asks you to prioritize your beliefs, and answer various questions in an attempt to match you with a candidate that represents what you find most important.

glassbooth-how-it-works.gif“Glassbooth is a nonprofit organization that is creating innovative ways to access political information. An informed and interested democracy is a powerful thing. As an organization acting in the public’s interest, we are very serious about our core principles:

All information used in the Glassbooth process is of the highest accuracy and integrity. No process is perfect though. Please get involved and shoot us an email if you want to add or comment on any of our content.

We believe Glassbooth’s success is contingent on nonbias in our process. We have worked closely with partners and experts to insure our language is in no way misleading. Again, feel free to email us with suggestions as to how we can improve.

Glassbooth does not affiliate with any political party, political organization, or ideology…we can’t and we won’t.

All information used by Glassbooth will be available for the public to view and scrutinize. We are not Google…we want you to know why your results are delivered the way they are.

Glassbooth is always learning and adapting to how people are using media and interacting with information. We are constantly adding new features to the site so check back often.

We are deeply committed to improving democracy and education in the United States and begin this process with Innovation and access are the cornerstones of our development, we are always thinking of the next great improvement to democracy in the United States. Please stay posted for future tools and initiatives.”

Has anyone tried this site yet? How accurate do you think it is?

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WTF? I took the pool and got “Chris Campos” as a result?



I took the poll, even though I’m not very happy with anyone running it did choose the canidate that I’m leaning towards when the time comes to vote. If you feel funny about entering your personal info at the end, close the window & it will tell you that your results are in and you can view them w/out giving your name, addy & e-mail address.


it picked the one i thought i liked the most too


Yup, it picked the candidate I like–the one with so little chance to win he wasn’t even on the Jersey ballot. Gravel.


If only I were in charge of the universe, things would be so much better.


Romney shares a 64% similarity with my beliefs. Homeworld–any chance that Ron Paul will run as a third party candidate, what do you think? Because there is no way in h*ll I’d ever vote for McCain!