Shoddy construction in Hoboken

Church Square Park – Shoddy Construction as tree falls in Hoboken

Boy this trend is starting to pick up here in Hoboken. Shoddy construction from hired contractors. Remember how the dog runs were all getting done simultaneously earlier this past winter? Well, the contractor probably was cutting corners. Take a look at this fallen tree at Church Square Park.

One Hoboken resident who sent this in said: “Goodbye shady tree. Whoever built dog run must have dug too close to tree cause it fell and is just a memory.. Clearly the same company that is planting dying trees in Hoboken parks. Brand new dog run fence even damaged. More wasted money!!!”

Yet they take millions in parking tickets and boots from visitors and residents who like supporting local businesses. Sounds like a fair trade? Not.

Tree falls at Church Square Park dog run due to shoddy construction

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