Water Main Break


See what happens when you’re out of town?

Not a major issue, but a small water main broke this morning on Clinton St. between 5th and 6th. No residents have reported loss of water, but many wrote in saying pressure is low and the water discolored.

5th Ward Councilman (not his ward) Peter Cunningham sent out an email indicating that it might be a good idea to boil the water and to check with United Water to see how long you should.

Residents as far north as 13th and Grand notices fluctuations in pressure.

Should be fixed sometime today or tonight.

Water Main break Hoboken

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Come on people, how long do you think the wooden pipes that supply water to Hoboken are supposed to last? Jeez, it’s like you think we have modern infrastructure in this town!


Hoboken is not alone with watermain eruptions,it happens all over the area.There is a major watermain near my house and blows at least once a year. I asked one of the water companys eng. on the job site and told me,off the record, there is money for repairs not for replacement. He went on further to say there are 2 budgets one for capital improvements[replacing old worn out mains] which is rarely used and operating which is used for emergency repairs.Its almost a catch 22 situation they can’t replace them but they can repair them.It does’t make sense but thats the system.


why do people allow this City to be a third world country? why are people so apathetic? it is hard to argue that hoboken does not have an inordinately large amount of water main breaks statistically compared to other cities and towns in NJ. why does this happen? it is more than just a minor inconvenience to have low water pressure and/or dirty, unhealthy water. if people cared enough, it wouldn’t happen anymore, because the heat on politicians would make it not happen. but apparently we are comfortable living like we are in bangladesh. blows my mind.


geez – how are people supposed to know about this stuff? especially since elderly and infants probably aren’t glued to Hoboken411 (no offense)


Katie, that really hurts. 🙁

It’s only a problem living in Hoboken or in the event I move to Bangledesh.


I use my brita for drinking water most of the time, though when it has happened, of course I made the mistake of taking a drink after brushing my teeth. Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into the filters.

The British are on to something, I bet they never have that problem. 😆