Voting Machines malfunction


Is this a sign of “things to come” for our Mayoral election in 2009?

From CBS:

Technical Difficulties Delay The Vote In Hoboken

Several Voting Machines Malfunctioned Early Super Tuesday Morning

“Presidential candidates are ready for Super Tuesday. Voters are ready. Some voting machines in Hoboken, however, were not.

CBS 2 HD learned that several voting machines malfunctioned Tuesday, much to the chagrin of voters who went to the polls in the early morning.

Voting officials scrambled to fix the problem.

The site which saw technical difficulties was where Gov. Jon S. Corzine intended to vote.

Democrats heading to the polls are faced with a tight race, as Sen. Barack Obama pulled even with Sen. Hillary Clinton in key states, including New Jersey.

Both candidates raced through the final hours Monday, with Obama in the hunt for New Jersey’s 127 delegates after a new Quinnipiac poll showed him picking up 11 points since Jan. 23. It’s now Clinton 48, Obama 43. “

corzine vote hoboken - Voting Machines malfunction

“Republican frontrunner John McCain spent Monday courting voters in New Jersey, capping off the day in New York by hosting two fundraisers with support from former mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Gov. George Pataki.

According to the latest polls, McCain remains the Republican front-runner nationwide.

“We’re going to take New Jersey and take this nomination and take it with your help,” McCain said.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is not ready to call it quits just yet. His final event on Monday was in the crucial state of California with its 173 delegates, where he has just opened up a lead.

Romney is working feverishly to fuel lingering doubts about McCain among conservatives, calling the Arizona senator too liberal on a number of issues, including immigration.

“Legal immigration brings us vitality and culture and people of different skills — it’s wonderful,” Romney said. “But illegal immigration, that will we will end, and we will not end it with McCain-Kennedy amnesty.”

For now, Romney’s biggest headache might be former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Although he’s behind in the polls, his presence in the race draws votes away from Romney, particularly in the South.”

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Krew, I couldn’t agree more. -That- would be a good idea.


Or perhaps we should have elections on the weekend, like many other countries do.


No worries phishphan. I’d like to be able to take the day off and work the polls but the job takes precedence.

Maybe eventually I’ll be able to squeeze in a day for it, until then we have to appreciate the people who do take the time to do it even if they may not be who we’d choose for the job.


next year Corzine will be voting at the same location most likely, for himself, in a LOSING bid to be reelected governor after his disgraceful performance in office thus far. we are finally going to get a republican in office who stops coming up with “brilliant” ideas like “let’s raise taxes” to correct the budget deficits the dems. have run up, instead of making hard choices and cutting programs, and, god forbid, hand outs.



I would sign up to be their instructor at their training session and give them a specific list of things to say, and sh$t you dont say

unfortunately i am also gainfully employed, presumably unlike these 2 women