Speedway Gas Station

Hess no more – Becomes Speedway

Speedway replaces Hess in Hoboken NJ 1400 Willow Avenue

This took a while, but back in May of last year, the Speedway corporation purchased all of Hess Corporation’s retail outlets (over 1,300 of them) for a meager $2.6 billion.

They recently began (and almost finished) the transformation, give the intersection of 14th & Willow a “brand new look.”

Like I mentioned in the photo – when giving directions to friends, you’ll have to update your vernacular. “Make a left at the Speedway – and don’t forget the booze!”

In case “gas station news” arouses you – here are other Speedway locations around Hoboken. Oooh!

Speedway locations around Hoboken NJ and NYC

Description: Gas Station
Services: Gas, Oil, Auto Service, soda, (and no more toy trucks!)
Address: 1400 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 653-9645

How Hess looked back in 2006:

hess gas.JPG

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