Curb Extensions COST!

Curb Extensions need forever maintenance

Earlier this month, we published this article on curb extensions in Hoboken. Mainly to show that they do little to protect anyone, and do more to “keep the government in business” spending property taxpayer dollars to keep this shit maintained forever.

These “rocks” that are glued on quickly get rubbed off, and will need to be replaced often. And I bet these dopey pebbles get stuck in wheelchairs, too. Now more handicapped people will have their chairs in the shop. “Thanks for immobilizing us, Hoboken!”

curb extensions hoboken NJ - Curb Extensions COST!

Faux Curb Extensions in Hoboken still cost money {PR Bullshit!}


I’ve been saying this a lot lately. What the “government” does in the name of “safety” is total BS. They do things like these “faux” curb extension not for safety – but to spend property taxpayer money (redirecting to friendly contractors), and to stay “relevant,” (or in the spotlight – “Look at us! Look at what we did!”)

For one – this fake curb extension costs money. Money to install. And money to maintain in perpetuity. What ever happened to trimming the budgets and cutting costs? NO! We just keep adding “features” to this city that make cutting costs impossible – with practically zero gain.

Two, what ever happened to responsibility of self? Like crossing the street for instance. Do pedestrians really need such assistance getting from point A to point B? If so, maybe they aren’t FIT to walk at all! (Or at least Darwin could take care of the problem).

I used to be in favor of implements like this – but have since realized what they’re doing to us. All this “progress” (if you even want to call it that), like bike lanes, special signals, and fake curbs – just cause the general population to become lazier, and less “in tune” with their own survival. And who ends up blindly paying? YOU.

Faux curb extensions Hoboken NJ Hudson Street - Curb Extensions COST!

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