Pier A Park changes?

Work at Pier A Park in Hoboken

While a nice place to soak in some rays, Pier A Park already has its share of “limitations.” You can’t really play ball here, dogs aren’t allowed on the grass, you can’t take your eyes off the kids (tons of “scary” homeless folks), you can’t have an alcoholic beverages – but other than that – its still one of the flagship hot spots in Hoboken.

And remember that “Hoboken Huddle” flop that was setup for the Super Bowl four months ago? Well that concrete slab that was the foundation for the Roman numerals has finally (slowly) been de-constructed.

Hoboken Huddle deconstructed at Pier A Park

Would you BBQ or “tailgate” at Pier A Park?

Workers here mentioned something along the lines that “BBQ Pits” are coming to Pier A next?

Oh boy – not so sure about this. For one, depending on nationality or religion, I don’t think I’d be too happy knowing a cat or some roadkill was cooked on the grill by the people that used it before us. I like cooking on my own equipment, thank you very much.

And do you ever wonder why some people go through elaborate setups at “tailgate parties” during football games? Why do people schlep entire kitchens to the ball game? Grilling, fire, BBQ, etc. Why not just bring hero sandwiches? Isn’t that a lot easier? Who came up with this idea to grill meat on-location? And more importantly, why do many people feel it’s worth all that effort? Do burgers taste better in a parking lot? Never understood it.

Anyway – would you grill burgers or steaks at Pier A Park?

Public BBQ coming to Pier A Park in Hoboken NJ

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