HPU Hypocrisy – 5/27/2014

HPU Hypocrisy – “Friends in high places?”

Continuing the “HPU Hypocrisy of the Day” category, one Hoboken resident was miffed about how some cars receive “special treatment.” By that, they mean SOME cars are ticketed, but these “special” cars ARE NOT. Wouldn’t that piss you off?

HPU Hypocrisy parked illegal PBA shield expired - HPU Hypocrisy - 5/27/2014

Selective Enforcement in Hoboken NJ

“Here is some even better hypocrisy, near the corner of 12th and Jefferson Streets. What sticks out about this area is the blatant parking around the building that is never ticketed, or even better “selectively ticketed.” Cars in crosswalks, clearly in the red / yellow zones, not ticketed when street cleaning is going on, etc. The key to this seems to be the fact that a couple of the HPU employees live nearby, and it seems like they have offered up a “Friends and Family Pass” to selected cars.

I have encountered the HPU as they’ve walked by – and have asked them why they weren’t ticketed, and got no answer. They just kept walking.

Attached you will find a picture of the HPU employee’s Audi (below).

Now even better are the attached pictures of the blue Toyota Camry (above). This person too lives in that same building. Notice the following.

  1. Parked in the red zone close to the cross walk.
  2. No front plate.
  3. EXPIRED inspection.
  4. Cover over the rear plate.

But did you catch the biggest one? There is a police shield in the window! I guess that certain things don’t apply when you have one of these.

The parking in this town has just gotten out of control.”

Hoboken City Employees park illegally without tickets - HPU Hypocrisy - 5/27/2014

About Hoboken HPU Hypocrisy of the Day
The HPU Hypocrisy of the Day is a photo feature on Hoboken411.com.

Created out of need – this section features the blatant hypocrisy in the Hoboken city government. Get this – Parking “laws” were created under the guise that it is either for “safety of residents, drivers and pedestrians,” or to “make parking more fair for law abiding citizens.”

The city, however – VIOLATES those very same laws. The bottom line is THEY DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT SAFETY. They just want your MONEY.

You frustrated with the hypocrisy? Caught them on film? Simply email Hoboken411@gmail.com with your photo, location and sorry story!

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