Holiday driving pet peeves

Driving pet peeve – E-ZPass slow-pokes

E ZPass Slow Pokes - Holiday driving pet peevesAny time a long holiday weekend approaches, you’re bound to see “top 10” lists regarding various driving pet peeves. And we all have them: Speeders, texters, lane-hoggers and beyond – which can all be dumped into the same “general idiots” category.

But after driving all around this past Memorial Day weekend, I was reminded countless times of my Number One pet peeve: E-ZPass slow pokes.

Even though we all despise tolls (there should be NO tolls – as “property tax” and “sales tax” should cover all ongoing maintenance of the roads – even the Garden State Parkway was “supposed” to be only “temporary tolls,” which have never gone away), we still have them in NJ and have to deal until SHTF.

And “E-ZPass” (besides being a way to track people without their consent) was meant to SPEED THINGS UP. And for the most part, the days of “long toll lines” (how many of you remember those?) are over. But why in God’s name do people SLOW TO A CRAWL when driving through E-ZPass toll lanes?

For only one reason: “Status update.”

If you haven’t noticed this problem getting worse since “social media” has gained in popularity – you’re not paying attention. People just cannot live without “Status fucking updates.”

It does NOT matter if you see the update or not. What are you going to do if it says “toll not paid?” Nothing! You’re still going to drive ahead. And try calling E-ZPass if you do have a problem anyway. Hours waiting on hold. So just make sure your accounts are properly set up to auto-deduct from your bank, and you will never need to concern yourself with that stupid status-screen.

E ZPass pet peeve slow toll booth - Holiday driving pet peeves

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Thursday, May 29, 2014 1:37 am

I’m with you on this 100%. Some drivers almost come to a halt, which is uncalled for. I found a workaround though, which is using the cash lanes which also double serve as ezpass lanes. Just scout out which lanes are empty ahead of time.

I hope the next candidate for Governor comes up with a platform that includes eliminating tolls. But lobbyists will make sure that guy or gal never makes the mainstream. These hidden taxes will remain until Rome burns.

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