Hoboken Week in Review – 2/3/2008


Week number five in the bag!

Welcome once again to the 100’s of new readers that have signed up since the last Hoboken Week in Review. Today may be the big football day, but don’t forget about the bad things that can happen outside of football. Be thankful for a good life and good friends.

As always, below you can see the Top 10 updated or newly published articles this week that had the most overall action.


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Now the hottest story of the year
    Far surpassing the other burning fire at McSwiggan’s, is the deadly fire at 1203 Washington St., which claimed the life of a promising young man. This topic was so hot, it spurned eight sub-topics, such as:

  2. One mans religious beliefs are another womans excuse to act retarded
    Turban + alcohol – tact / press x Hoboken = News Story.
  3. Will you be my?
    A old piece about “V-Day” from 411 is resurrected
  4. Updated Eats
    Not only has Anthony David’s been re-freshed, their menu has as well.
  5. Juicy Burgers
    The residents of Hoboken debate the best grilled ground beef discs in town.
  6. Democrats get a lot of air time
    Despite the user poll showing strong Republican support, people like Hillary and Barack get more coverage. For now.
  7. AWESOME music festival coming
    An incredible arts & music festival is scheduled in Jersey City this August. All Point West, everyone!
  8. Can’t a dog find a home?
    A cute 9-year old pooch needs a new home due to a new child. It gets kind of testy on here. Didn’t have to turn out that way.
  9. City employees cars find themselves on sidewalks again
    A reader can’t even push their stroller across the street safely.
  10. Hoboken Cutest Dog Contest
    The entries are in, and the winner will be announced shortly!

Coming this week

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    Once again, too many to list this week.. Just check the event calendar on the left to see what’s coming up!

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