Hoboken City Council Meeting 5/21/2014

Hoboken City Council Meeting of May 21, 2014

Inspect Hoboken City Council meeting documents below – and click here at 7:00pm to watch live video stream.

More of the same this week. Here’s a few noteworthy items:

  • The city wants to put $2 million on the credit card for paving. Paving that will turn into massive potholes within weeks. Also, what happened to cities having surpluses? Oh yeah, those went to RAISES for administration cronies, useless coffee gophers and bike racks. Whoops!
  • Have $200k laying around? Sure! Let’s spend it on a “Washington Street Study.” That’s right. Nearly a quarter of a million dollars to pay some graphic designer to make fancy diagrams of bike lanes. Then 10 people “show up” (i.e., friends of the Mayor – certain “bike advocate puppets”) for “public meetings” to spend more property taxpayer bucks on stuff that truly isn’t NEEDED. What’s needed? Fix the plumbing, power grid, parking situation. “Nice streets” are cherries on the cake. We have NO cake yet.
  • And did you know that “Mayor” Zimmer defaulted on a lawsuit against her? I guess the “magic wand” to wish things just “went away” didn’t work this time. Wonder what she has up her sleeve?

Hoboken City Council Meeting May 21 2014 NJ

Hoboken City Council Documents for May 21, 2014


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