Turn Your Phone 90 Degrees

This weekend – Turn your phone 90 degrees!

Turn your phone 90 degreesWith Memorial Day, the unofficial start of Summer upon us this weekend, expect “social” media updates for the long weekend to set an all-time record. Narcissistic photo-sharing will reach epic proportions, as crappy snapshots of each and every BBQ, side-dish, party, drink, beach scene and dopey event will be “shared” by 10’s of millions of people – all competing for a 1/1000th of a second of their “circle of friends” attention span in an effort to feel important (or try to make others feel bad because they’re not having as much “fun” as they are…)

That said – doesn’t mean we can’t offer a simple tip nonetheless.

Folks who snap pictures with their phones in the “portrait” mode are outright annoying. And what’s even worse is – VIDEO shot that way. Hence, IFHT (I Fucking Hate That) who released the “Turn Your phone 90 Degrees” video a few weeks ago.

Not that this video, with over 500k views is obscure, but it’s hardly “viral” when other nonsensical videos (insert name of talentless person here) often get over 100 million views.

Found it to be “violently creative” as well. That kind of surprised me. Maybe that will help proper photo etiquette sink in for the masses.

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