Love’s Full of Shish

Love’s Full of Shish food cart takes reigns at Columbus Park in Hoboken

Many of you may have noticed local entrepreneur Benny Love’s “Full of Shish” food cart appearing last week in between Columbus Park and the Hoboken High School.

Before you get in an uproar, considering the recent passing of long-time hot dog man Jaime Vallejo – Love made sure to consult with the family prior to taking the spot. They gave him the okay, and he even offered one of the family members a part-time gig running the cart if they so chose.

Love’s Full of Shish cart sells hot dogs, burgers, and kabobs to area school kids, park-dwellers, and local contractors looking for a quick bite.

Full of Shish hot dog cart Hoboken NJ

Description: Neighborhood food cart
Address: 9th Street and Grand Street
Online: Old school

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