Kung Fu Election


Really into politics? Want to see your candidate kick ass?

Or what about if you’re not into politics, and just want to see “talking head” bloodshed?

Well here’s your chance, with this fun game Kung Fu Election.”


Fight your way to election victory, the way all elections should be held: By physical strength! Although a few of the candidates have already dropped out, it still may be fun for some people. What’s comical are some of the candidates “special powers,” such as:

Hillary Clinton: Bill Clinton Attack
Barack Obama: Doves
Mitt Romney: Robotic Candidate Attack
John McCain: Air Strike


I found the controls to be a bit spotty in the beginning, but realized you need to use your “block” command a lot.

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Mike Huckabee fatality: He calls down the Lord to smite you… and nothing happens.

Hillary Clinton fatality: She stares at you and your penis freezes and falls off. If you don’t have one, you grow one first THEN it freezes and falls off.

Mitt Romney fatality: He whips off his magical underwear and smothers you with the holy skid-mark of Joseph Smith Jr.

Barack Obama fatality: He nonchalantly crushes you with his massive brow.

John McCain fatality: He whacks you in the knees with his cane and chomps on your jugular with his dentures.


Can I use the Ron Paul fundraiser bomb attack?