Black Rail Coffee

Black Rail Coffee Shop in Hoboken, NJ

The newest coffee shop to land in Hoboken is Black Rail Coffee over at the Metrostop building right by the 9th Street light rail station. Owner James Jung has done quite a good job with this relatively obscure place on the extreme west side of town.

Black Rail Coffee Hoboken NJ - Black Rail Coffee

A coffee shop is a good choice for this Hoboken location

Located adjacent to the Tilted Kilt, Black Rail serves as a convenient spot for NJ Transit Light Rail commuters, as well as neighborhood residents and visitors.

Quite basic in their offerings, Black Rail does not necessarily skimp on quality. They have premium pastries, tasty coffee beans (as well as “cold brewed” iced coffee), and sandwiches that are considered a hit by recent customers. Our small cup of iced hit the spot nicely, with a hint of citrus that was refreshing indeed. I still wish a majority of coffee joints considered providing heavy cream, but the half and half sufficed.

Despite being in a rather isolated part of Hoboken, the environment does have some kind of charm. Large (primarily north facing) windows add the feeling of openness to the space, and eventual outdoor seating will allow you to “people watch” the action coming off the nearby mode of public transport. Even though it’s in what is considered one of the more desolate areas of the city, there was a modestly continual stream of pedestrian traffic passing by nonetheless. Just not the same type of traffic you’re used to near the PATH station downtown. A pleasantly serene ebb and flow is the best I could describe it.

Not being in a proverbial “hot spot” of town concerned me, but their location is most certainly strategic. With development happening across the street, combined with the train and nearby buildings, these guys should do okay.

Swing by and welcome them to Hoboken!

Description: Coffee shop with sandwiches, pastries, tea and snacks.
Address: 800 Jackson Street (9th Street side), Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)222-4700
Online: blackrailcoffee.comFacebook

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