Hoboken Movie Lineup: 5/16/2014

Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesHere we go! Another not-so original idea re-hashed – this time with Godzilla. I suppose the “advancement” of high-tech special effects makes updating classic old movies a necessity. And rather than new, un-proven ideas – they get some guaranteed dollars because of the name recognition (does “Maxwell’s” ring a bell now?)

Anyway their version of the story is: “Human courage and reconciliation is needed in the face of titanic forces of nature, when the awe-inspiring Godzilla rises to restore balance as humanity stands defenseless.”

Like with any movie, people had all sorts of critical and positive things to say about Godzilla. But in the end, it’s just a two hour and three minute life diversion in the form of entertainment and consumerism.

Hoboken Movie Trailer: Godzilla

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