Build more in Hoboken!

Forget the water system, let’s just build more in Hoboken!

Surely you’ve noticed tall building after tall building going up in Hoboken, right? And you’ve also noticed water main break after water main break, too! But while the city essentially “shrugs off” our CIVIL WAR ERA water infrastructure, they just build more in Hoboken.

A two-part report from New Jersey Future was released this month – highlighting the multi-billion dollar problem NJ is facing with the water supply and sewage.

Funny how these things only come to attention when they become “URGENT.” Nowhere does anyone try to assign accountability to the so-called government employees that have come and gone in the decades leading up to this disruptive and potentially disastrous problem on the horizon. Nope, everyone – including the present administration “kicks the can down the road,” by not putting a moratorium on new large-scale construction.

  • Anyway – here’s Part One of the report: Water Infrastructure in New Jersey’s CSO Cities: Elevating the Importance of Upgrading New Jersey’s Urban Water Systems
  • as well as Part two: Ripple effects.”

And you can read the case study about Hoboken here.

(Oh, and be VERY careful when reading all of this. They use “alarmist” phrases like “rising sea levels.” When you get to the bottom of it – most of this information is “pushing an agenda,” so to say. You might want to dust off your vomit bag prior to reading in full…)

Just build more in Hoboken forget the water and flooding - Build more in Hoboken!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014 11:48 pm

Bingo with the agenda. You can add green or climate change, or climate disruption to anything under the sun and sell it to almost anyone. I cannot understand how you can maintain sanity and participate in such a scheme. Incredibly, they’ve kept the hysteria level just low enough in order to prevent all the paying customers from running to the hills. If the future has such doom in store, why is everyone still here? Does no one think about that? Not that I can see.

The looming crisis is not bad enough to chase the population away in droves, but public money is going to the pending disaster by the billions, that’s for sure. A bit of a disparity in those calculations from what I see. 🙄

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