Worst trash cans ever

Solar robots are the worst trash cans ever in Hoboken

According to most Hoboken residents we’ve spoken to – these new robotic solar trash bins – are hands down the worst trash cans ever!

worst trash cans ever in Hoboken NJ

Why should throwing something out be difficult?

solar robots worst trash cans ever Hoboken NJ were they necessaryFor starters, these “big belly” cans, also seem to have a “small mouth” which is apparently hard to open and place anything bigger than a teaspoon of refuse in. While at Brass Rail the other day, we sat at the bar and witness several pedestrians “try” to use these fruity contraptions.

What happens is that they actually struggle to get things easily in the bin. The door is rigid, the opening most often too small to put ordinary garbage in, etc. Supposedly after a few frustrating tries and actually using these horribly socialistic cans, people are starting to just throw shit on the sidewalk.

Exactly what was so difficult about standard trash cans? Does technology (despite their pies in the sky promises) have to invade every single aspect of life?

There comes a point where (a sensible) humanity would draw the line somewhere (not bike lane lines either). Don’t you think the city would “look down the line” a bit and see that these things will eventually break, need replacement and NOT have a true “Return on Investment?”

These cans, like any other solar-powered-WiFi-control-freak apparatus, will prove to be a “fad gone awry” in due time. Why people choose “feel good now” over “let’s think about this long term” has been a human conundrum since the beginning of time I guess. I also assume this is probably why “cheesy used car salesmen” still have jobs.

Solar garbage robots hilarious to watch in Hoboken NJ

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If no worker checks the contents until electronically “notified” there could be the deposit/remains of many a crime scene.