Found Tabby Cat

Found Tabby Cat in Hoboken, NJ

Did you or someone you know “lose” a cat today? Hoboken resident Liz had a new friend show up to her house this morning and wants to return this found tabby cat to it’s rightful owner.

“We had a cat show up at our back door on Park Avenue between 10th & 11th. She is an orange tabby short-hair with VERY fluffy tail and gold eyes (no white markings). She is de-clawed, friendly and seems well-cared for. She is clearly lost and was VERY hungry. She showed up at our house around 8:30am on Friday 5/2/14. We sincerely want to find her proper home.”

If this is yours – email and we’ll put you in touch.

Found Tabby Cat Hoboken NJ

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