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DONE: The phrase “Black Friday” now has NO meaning

Black Friday Overload in America - Black Friday Black FridayThis may very well be “The Tipping Point” of marketing. Specifically marketing the phrase “Black Friday,” and it’s blatant over-use to the point where it has next to zero significance anymore.

For one, did you know that “Black Friday” was not always associated with a positive consumer event?

“Black Friday” was a term coined by Philadelphia police in the 60’s, describing the chaotic, and often violent scenes as mobs of people who “unofficially” began their holiday shopping.

The term was slowly “redefined” over the years to a more positive “must attend” shopping event for best-price-of-the-year deals. Additionally, it is said that many businesses supposedly “got into the black,” meaning became profitable for the year. Although that may be untrue per se, as most small businesses profit each quarter, some of the “bigger” shops typically made their year in Q4. Whatever!

Over the past decade, though – “Black Friday” has turned into a clusterfuck of superficiality. With people stampeding each other to death for the latest bread & circus gadgets at big-box (small business killing) stores like Walmart, Best Buy or Target.

Not to be “outdone,” retailers have been pushing and pushing the “limits” of this stupid fucking holiday to the brink. “Black Thursday” (open on Thanksgiving), “Cyber Monday” (online crap), and so on. Stores even began having “Black Friday Weeks” (probably because they know some people are wising up and avoiding the actual Friday.)

This man-made, manufactured event also dominates the news for weeks prior, and weeks after the “mine, mine, mine!” bloodbath.

Home Depot Spring Black Friday - Black Friday Black Friday

Black Friday now an ALL YEAR LONG Event (insert any reason why)

Okay, it’s now 2014. The economy is artificially being kept afloat, and despite all the signs (shuttered businesses, monetary easing, disastrous world politics and energy issues looming), businesses are now pulling out what appears to be the “final act” for the phrase “Black Friday.”

Two places in particular have stood out. Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Both (on separate timetables) have run SPRING BLACK FRIDAY sales events. For weeks at a time! First it Was Home Depot (gardening stuff, grills), and now Lowe’s (through May 12th – same crap really).

Lowes Spring Black Friday - Black Friday Black Friday

What will supersede Black Friday next?

Like everything in the consumer market – this may very well get sucked dry (probably another year or two), to the point where it has no effect on anyone anymore.

So what can possibly top it?

Perhaps they can bring back the “retro” word “SALE?”

PS – you ever wonder if this shopping “Black Friday” was instituted simply to distract people from using it to reference the assassination of John F. Kennedy?

Black Friday Sheep is this who you want to be - Black Friday Black Friday

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