Chicken / Egg? Fitness or Junk Food?

What feeds the other in Hoboken? Fitness or Junk Food?

fitness or junk food who feeds who in Hoboken NJ - Chicken / Egg? Fitness or Junk Food?A couple things in Hoboken have been growing at similar paces – gyms and recreational (unhealthy) “junk food” eating places. That got me thinking of the Chicken & the Egg theory. Which came first, and more importantly do they feed off each other? Keep each other in business?

Which benefits more from the other? Fitness or Junk Food?

  • Does someone who “devilishly indulges” in a waffle or ice cream (say from the upcoming Caffe Bene) then feel guilt and go to (or join) the gym? Or a fitness class like Zumba or Barre? Or is it…
  • People who “work out hard” (say at the new Brazen Athletics) feel they have a “budget” of “cheating” calories they can shovel into their mouths?

Or is it a combination of both? Either way – maybe both “justifications” are wrong. Just eliminate the sugary and starchy junk – and you won’t need either. Then you can use your free time more productively!

Fitness or junk food keeping each other in business in Hoboken NJ - Chicken / Egg? Fitness or Junk Food?

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