Parking NOT okay for YOU

Okay for HPU, HFD, BOE but not for Y-O-U in HOB!

Last week – we told you about the hypocritical parking shenanigans public employees (civil SERVANTS) have been engaged in. The HPU (daily), HFD (non-emergency) and even the lowly cash-sucking BOE (“for the kids!”)

Parking illegally in the red curb zones – for what? Most likely of zero importance or urgency. Laziness.

But here we have an environmental contractor – apparently doing work to get some toxic oil drum out of an apartment (thus bettering the community as a whole), and he gets BLASTED with a ticket within seconds after parking.

Is it illegal? Yes – those stupid red zones are prohibited. But while useless city employees face no “punishment” for breaking the law, this guy gets whacked for actually doing something of value.

Completely backwards!

regular car ticketed in Hoboken NJ whereas city employees park every day - Parking NOT okay for YOU

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Monday, May 5, 2014 12:44 pm

Why are the zones illegal/prohibited?

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