Yesterday’s infrastructure work…

Infrastructure work in Hoboken top contributor to “potholes”

In today’s highly “connected” world – which is filled to the brim with short attention spans, easy entertainment and micro-bursts of trivium, I think it is safe to say that most people – when getting their brains mashed driving on Hoboken’s war-zone-like roads – rarely recall why they’re like that. Here’s one reminder: Infrastructure work.

Hoboken NJ infrastructure work repairs today

Ongoing body aches for Hoboken drivers

Now while we do also believe that “planned obsolescence” is part of the equation (shoddy roads that aren’t meant to last), the roads getting torn up for sewer, electrical or gas repairs certainly contributes a fair share – and helps accelerate the decimation of the streets.

I’d enjoy these scenes a bit more – if some enterprising individuals “picketed” them – holding signs such as “Today’s repairs = tomorrow’s spinal-fusing potholes!” Like those “doomsday prophets” who are often seen in big cities. That would at least make the pathetic reality a bit more bearable.

It’s strange, that in a city with over 35 linear miles of drivable roads – that up to now, no “plan” has ever been successfully devised to rectify this problem for good. Such a shame, right? It all sounds good on paper, or when political puppets are out there carefully crafting their “feel good” campaign literature – but when the “real world” presents itself – all you get is the bottom of the barrel.

And a fat auto mechanic bill…

Hoboken NJ infrastructure work potholes tomorrow

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