1203 Fire Update


Getting a serious cold/flu and staying up excessively long has put a major damper on my responsiveness. So accept my apologies in advance.

In checking my inbox now, Dawn Zimmer had sent the following email out. This was the only 1203 Washington fire email I’ve received from a representative of Hoboken.

Zimmer: Learn how you can help

“Dear Neighbors,

This morning I talked with seniors, single mothers, and families in shock from the trauma and loss of their possessions to last night’s fire. Hoboken’s Public Safety Director, Fire Dept., Police, and Emergency Management, together with the NJ Chapter of the American Red Cross are working together to address the immediate needs of the fire victims. There’s no official number at this time, but there may be an estimated 35 homeless families as a result of this fire.


Unfortunately many of the victims do not seem to have any renter’s insurance. The Red Cross is currently assessing and helping with the victims’ immediate needs. However, victims will need our community’s help with the longer struggle to replace lost or smoke damaged possessions.

Helping with Short-term Needs:

Donate online to the American Red Cross at: www.redcrossnnj.org

The Red Cross understands that people will want their donations to go towards Hoboken victims, and explained that you can ensure this by donating to the Local Disaster Relief for the Northern NJ Chapter of the Red Cross, and specifying Hoboken when you make your online donation.

Helping with Short-term and Longer-term Needs:

2nd Ward Councilwoman Mason, in whose ward the fire occurred, has established a fund for fire victims.

Pending an online donation system, checks can be dropped off for victims through Wachovia Bank at Two 14th Street or their River and 1st Street location.

Please make checks payable to: 2nd Ward Victims Fire Fund

Clothing and Toiletry Donations:

The YMCA will be accepting clothing donations. Please donate clean, gently used clothing for our neighbors.

Hobokenites impacted by this fire can shower at the Y, so new clothing at this location would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for helping out your neighbors in need.

4th Ward Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer”

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I’m not sure about baby clothes but I know they need stuff for 5 year olds.

When in doubt, donate!! I’m sure that whatever doesn’t get used will be “re-donated” to people who need it.


I’m in shock over the fire after having lived on that block for 24 years. I always thought the fire alarms were hardwired into the 13th street firehouse…..poor young man who died. So sad.

Do they need baby clothes? Have mounds!


Guys I think we all agree that this is, or should be, about helping people who lost in the fire and not about personalities.

So let’s focus on helping our community out.

Any updates on where to donate and what people need?


[quote comment=”65179″]I agree with moproteus and Foster. Too bad robo insists on keeping it personal.[/quote]

I think we can all agree that what’s important is helping our neighbors – not the politics.

Too bad Professor Pinetop doesn’t understand that. I’m glad that Councilwomen Mason and Zimmer do.

Perhaps Krew understands how a whiffle ball game in August has anything to do with helping the victims of this fire. I certainly don’t. The Professor’s agenda is transparent, and noting it is hardly personal, though perhaps I should have simply let the silliness go without comment.

Please don’t respond. Let’s get back to helping Councilwomen Zimmer and Mason help our community.


Great points, Foster.