City Parking Offenders: 5/2/2014

Hoboken City Parking Offenders at 12th & Hudson Streets

Continuing the ongoing Hoboken City Parking Offenders category – here is yet another example of the pompous behavior property taxpayer-funded “workers” exhibit on a daily basis.

Today’s award goes to this Hoboken Board of Education minivan.

They go WAY out of their way to maintain “safety” and “awareness” by displaying “carrying children” on the back, as well as “this vehicle stops at all R.R. crossings.”

Hmm. Except they left one equally important part out: “This vehicle endangers pedestrians and loves red curb zones!

Hoboken Board of Education parks illegally for the kids on Hudson Street - City Parking Offenders: 5/2/2014

About Hoboken Parking: City Offender Zone

The City Offender Zone feature on Hoboken411 was created over six years ago in order to build a historical collection of ridiculous parking circumstances that are somehow connected with the city of Hoboken. Whether it’s Hoboken council people who think they’re “above the law,” city programs that are abused or misused, or just plain hypocrisy in your face.

You see any city parking offenders you want to make public? Send Hoboken411 an email with photo, description and how you’d like to be credited (if at all.)

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