The Cow and The Curd grazes in Hoboken

Wish granted: The Cow and The Curd truck to visit Hoboken

The Cow and The Curd fried cheese truck Hoboken NJ Pier 13We spotted The Cow and The Curd food truck on 1st Street in Hoboken the other day. Could that tasty battered fried cheese curds truck be coming to Hoboken?

Well, the dream is (partially) coming true! During their visit to Hoboken, this “award winning” truck (based out of Philadelphia) was ironing out details to visit Pier 13 a few times a month this summer! So you’ll have to be on the lookout (and don’t make solid plans – as food trucks often “back out” on rainy days, or have vehicular issues.)

“Midwest Flavor Mooves to Philly – A Wisconsin culinary staple, cheese curds are as common and indispensable in the Midwest as the cheesesteak is in Philadelphia. Despite their ranking as one of the world’s most craved regional foods, cheese curds are relatively unknown in places without cheese factories.”

If you can’t wait for their sporadic Mile Square visits, perhaps it’s worth a trip to the City of Brotherly Love to get your fix?

The Cow and The Curd cheese truck Hoboken NJ Pier 13

And here’s a promotional video they did – “dumbing it down” for people who have zero idea about the wonderful world of cheese:

Description: Cheese Curd Food Truck. “The Cow and The Curd.”
Address: Pier 13 (several times per month)
Email: Contact Page
Online: thecowandthecurd.comTwitterFacebook

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