P & M Tire Co

1/19/2007 Update:

“From rubber to rubble”. I’m not sure how long ago this old tire shop was demolished, but for the record, here’s the before and after. Anyone’s guess as to what it will become?


Back in March of 2006:
Description – Tire Dealers Retail
Address – 101 Harrison St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 653-2332

Looks closed to me

PM tire.JPG

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The Mayor has stalled for years on making the Hoboken Master Plan into law. making it more of a political sham than a plan.

The Zoning Board never follows the actual zoning laws already on the books.

They have made up their own “master plan” and it is why most developers get variances just for the asking.

The devlopers make larger profits from the variances given to them by the board.
The people of Hoboken never get anything in return from the granting of these variances. They should!

Each and everyone of the Zoning Board members was hand picked by Mayor David Roberts.

Anyone see what is the real “Master Plan” in Hoboken?


[quote comment=”10854″]This begs the question, why even have zoning restrictions[/quote]

That wouldn’t be financially prudent for the politician class of town. 👿


I have a few friends who live in Fields buildings and have ZERO complaints. They are always around to fix anything that needs fixing (completely unavoidable) and they work well with the property management co. as well.

The have upgrades as standard throughout their buildings as well, unlike some other buildings with their cheapest counter tops, door knops, fixtures, appliances etc.


No sh*t. Too bad we can’t get Spitzer to do a clean-up on this side of the river.


[quote comment=”10847″]
1) 100% Lot Coverage
2) Retail where there is no other retail on the block
3) Height in Feet
4) Number of Stories
5) Zero Front Yard Setback
6) Zero Rear Yard Setback
7) and Density
This begs the question, why even have zoning restrictions when the mayor and co. are always granting variances like it’s their job to whomever they are pals with……… it’s sickening..