Major Fire 1203 Washington St.

1/29/2008 8:25pm:

A little update about the one fatality. It was a 28-year old man – not 21 as reported by other sites. He was friends with a local firefighter, who was distraught by the news. The roommate of the resident who perished just escaped through the front door with burns to his forearms. My condolences to the family and friends of the victim.

Here’s another user-submitted gallery. Thanks Joel and Robert for the pics.

1/29/2008 4:52pm Update:

Here’s a damage and injury update to this mornings fire. NBC reported that one young man died and 13 others were injured. The man supposedly died when a ceiling collapsed on him in his 3rd floor apartment. No further details at the moment.

153 units were evacuated this morning, with residents from 67 of them still prohibited from returning.

A temporary Red Cross shelter has been set up at the Wallace school, where about 40 people have sought help.

See the previous entry from Dawn Zimmer on where you can donate to the fire victims.

5:15am Update:

I’ll be getting some sleep soon, but if anyone finds out how many apartments were affected, and how many people are displaced (and for how long – major vs. minor damage) that would be great.. put that info in the comments section.

Unrelated PS, Dear Hoboken Moms & Nannys: please leave your sick children at home, and don’t bring them to local coffee shops. I avoid offices on purpose, because they are germ breeding grounds since people are afraid to use their sick days when they’re really sick. I spend a few hours around some slimy coughing runny-nose kids, and I get their potent germs. Damnit!

Here’s a quick video of the beginning of the incident (some still images in there too). See photo gallery below, and the rest of the updates from the start of the fire after the jump.

Hoboken Fire 1203 Washington St. from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.


Picture gallery combined with a Hoboken411 readers submission as well.

See the rest of the updates and single pictures after the jump.


Not under control… pockets of fire… jumped the firewall… in “exposure D” building now.. 5th floor…


Seems the fire is mostly under control with some flames still showing on the “A side” of the building. Here are some pics before camera conked out (and hands froze)

2:48am Update:

Be sure to listen in on the live Hoboken Police and Fire Scanner to hear what’s going on.

Weehawken, Jersey City, North Hudson are all assisting (maybe others) Two firefighters at least taken to HUMC for smoke inhalation.

“No Roof” left… Hectic commotion. “Heavy Fire 4th and 5th floors”


2:34am Update:

The fire is spreading badly, one fire fighter reported “down” and many companies called in. Supposedly started on the 3rd floor, but seems to have spread to the 5th. Wow.

“Heavy fire” on the number 5 floor. This Applied building is toast. Pics in a minute.

1/29/2008 1:45am:

Flames coming out the window on 3rd floor.

Pics in a little bit.

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Hoboken Action

New construction requires strict adherence to codes requirements. When the 12th and Washington St was last renovated, it met the codes of the 1970’s. Now, a large portion of the buildings were destroyed and are being reconstructed. And of course, Arezzo issued the permits to his LANDLORD, Applied Housing.

So why is Arezzo allowing Applied Housing to rebuild according to 30 year old construction codes? Obviously the code did not create a safe environment since the fire caused a casualty, a collapsed ceiling, and was extended into another building.

Is it outrageous to think that maybe Arezzo should tell Applied Housing that it needs sprinklers? Why can’t we have a Construction Official who will enforce the code instead of waiving it?

Why can’t one of our elected officials do or say something to protect the people of Hoboken?

strand tramp
strand tramp

you realize i was quoting kanye west, right?


[quote comment=”66976″]because “george bush doesn’t like black people.”[/quote]
or idiots either!

strand tramp
strand tramp

because “george bush doesn’t like black people.”


Why is it that the Hoboken Construction Official is worried a truck might drive onto the roof of the Maxwell Place parking structure designed and constructed to modern standards, but doesn’t care if buildings in the city have working smoke detectors..?