Recent Hoboken Openings: April 2014

Recent Hoboken Openings {April 2014}

Below is a quick glance at some of the more recent Hoboken openings for April 2014.

Recent Hoboken Openings April 2014

These represent places that we most likely won’t review in detail, either because they’re obviously self-explanatory, we’re previewed them already, or we have no need or interest to know more other than what is already known about said establishments (until they change, move or close.)

Clem’s Steaks Unlimited Too {Replaces Windmill}

We mentioned awhile ago that Clem’s Steaks Unlimited Too (Jersey Shore roots) was taking place of the out-of-business Windmill Hot Dogs. This is one of those locations downtown, that with the right hours and price-point, should do pretty well if the food and service maintains a minimum level of satisfaction.

Clem's steaks unlimted too open Hoboken NJ

Planet Sun Tanning {f.k.a. Sprint Wireless}

What survives even in the midst of economic despair? Vanity and ego. That is why Planet Sun was able to open their 3rd location (in the old Sprint Wireless) spot.

Planet Sun open Hoboken NJ

Brower Club Provisions

Not sure what the rent is at this “off Washington” spot – but being downtown, I’d suspect that the Brower Club will need a steady stream of customers willing to pay for heavily marked-up merchandise in order to not see red all year. With the proper hype and psychological marketing – almost any business can thrive! Let’s see if they can pull it off.

Brower Club open Hoboken NJ

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