College is debt slavery?

Judging by these stickers – college is debt slavery!

college pride doomed in Hoboken NJ debt slaveryThose who are awake, know about the racket that “higher education” is. You’ve all been sold the lie that getting your advanced degree essentially guarantees lucrative jobs, when all we have is record unemployment and insurmountable student loan debt. Why is it that cost of “education” has risen more than 5x faster than average wages? Why are all the snobby kids with fancy “degrees” bewildered because they can’t get the high-paying career they were promised? My friend Karl Denniger points it out point blank here.

One of the not-so-obvious signs that I can see around town – is that many proud “college alumni” – who already have monthly payments for rent, car, cell phone along with their student loans, apparently don’t have enough money (and pride) left over to keep their wacky stickers up to date. An indirect sign that they’re probably bitter about the whole thing – and don’t want to give the “school” another dime!

It’s quite clear that in today’s day and age, words like “Joe’s Plumbing” on vehicles now have much more esteem and respect than “Yale University.”

The tide is turning, folks!

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