Sparrow Spring Wine & Beer Tasting

May 1st: Sparrow Spring Wine & Beer Tasting

Hoboken Spring Wine Beer Tasting Sparrow Wine NJ - Sparrow Spring Wine & Beer TastingLooking for something a bit “different” to do next week? Then mark your calendars for Thursday, May 1st from 7pm to 10pm! Sparrow Wine is hosting their Spring Wine & Beer Tasting event over at the Hoboken Elks Lodge No. 74 (1005 Washington Street).

This “marketing and social” event will set you back $50 per person, and tickets are available at both Sparrow locations (1224 Shipyard Lane uptown and 126 Washington St. downtown). You can also “drink and drive” if you wish, as they’ve arranged discounted parking over at the Little Man Garage at 12th & Shipyard lanes. Totally worth the measly $10 bucks to avoid the draconian parking thugs from the Hoboken Pickpocketing Underworld (HPU).

As your reward for your ticket purchase, you get to sample over 300 wines, craft beers, specialty spirits and more. Plus, shovel Hors d’oeuvres from local eateries down your gullet while you mingle with other hungry and thirsty attendees. And even if you’re down in the dumps and want to drown your misery, they have a convenient rum & vodka cocktail bar to quickly and effectively medicate your woes into oblivion.

And if you’re the type that feels guilty for your gluttony (especially after Easter), never fear – the proceeds will benefit High Tech High School – an esteemed Hudson County educational institution.

Sparrow spring wine beer tasting Hoboken NJ - Sparrow Spring Wine & Beer Tasting

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