What if money was no object?

THINK: What if money was no object?

While everyone gets ready to enjoy their “three-day parole” from what they call a job – the following is something to watch that may help you find a path towards a more enriching life. This applies to those unemployed as well.

Alan Watts was one of the first philosophers I read back in the day when I “re-learned” what reading can bring to one’s life. For those of you that have more than a two-second attention span, and can actually read, contemplate, think, and quietly and peacefully mull over ideas, concepts and philosophies over a period of time (without any end goal or a “rush to judgment”) – I highly recommend you read his entire body of works. You can summon your “external brain” (called “Google”) to find ways to refute what I’m saying, but that will do you no good.

Just check out what he has written (it’s incredibly enjoyable to read, as well as addictive and easy to digest). And view this compelling oratory piece of his entitled “What if money was no object?” It’s amazing, and would likely “cure” many a troubled people out there striving for something that truly isn’t “within their own soul.” The consumerism, materialism and competitive nature these days has spawn many unhappy and sad individuals traversing the streets of the NYC tri-state area.

Who are you doing all of this for anyway? What if money was no object?


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