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Any answer yet to where to watch Pats games? I’m a huge Red Sox, Pats, and Rutgers football fan, and I just moved to town in July, two blocks from McSwiggan’s. Can’t wait for it to reopen. Meanwhile, I’d love to know where to catch Sox and Pats games. Thanks!


All-star break just over. let’s see what happens. now is the time you want to start peaking, as that OTHER blue team in the NYC area knows all too well. Giants are playing their best football all season, and Brady just had probably his worst. My predictions, 1)Rangers start the slow but steady climb out of the cellar and sit on top of the Atlantic Division by the end of March,will be a force in the play-offs. 2)Giants BEAT the Pats 38-34 and 3)Mark Messier will be teary-eyed about one thing or the other by the end of Hockey season.
you gotta believe!


Rangers suck!


[quote comment=”64878″]Boston
population of city = 590,000
# of pro teams in Big Four sports = 4
Number of titles in those sports = 29
Titles per capita = 1 major title for every 20,300 people alive in the city today.

New York City
population of city = 8,200,000
# of pro teams in Big Four sports = 9
Number of titles in those sports = 44
Titles per capita = 1 major title for every 186,000 people alive in the city today.[/quote]

This might be the stupidest analysis I have ever read. Why would someone analyze population with respect to championships?
What it comes down to is NY Metro teams have accounted for 50 Championships in 519 years of playing professional sports (franchises in existence today), while the Boston Metro teams have accounted for 30 Championships in 294 years of playing.

The end result…both cities win a championship 10% of the time.


*The above statistics exclude Boston’s 30th major title and 4th Super Bowl win in 7 years which occured on February 3rd, 2008.