Grasping for Strollers

Retail rainbow? Or “grasping for strollers” in Hoboken?

We all know that Hoboken, NJ has now essentially become a “stroller town.” Just head out to the main drag on the next super-nice weekend day. Guarantee you can’t walk a block without seeing at least 100 of them. But are they keeping local shops in business, or are retailers now “grasping for strollers?”

Take a look at this sign over at Sweet Nicholas on Washington Street. While they have many customers in town that enjoy their style, collection and prices – this sign kind of reeks of desperation, no?

“Come on in! We’ll help with Stroller and ALL!”

Hmm, for one thing – aren’t they kind of insulting the Zumba-yoga-crossfit mom by suggesting that she can’t do it herself? Two, what if I just bought 500lbs of potatoes at Shoprite? Will they help with “all that” too?

Nothing against Sweet Nicholas here, but maybe the sign should read “Please support us! We need your help after signing up for this subterranean retail disaster!” Honesty might work a bit better, no?

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