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Gypsy Warrior ditches Hoboken, NJ location

We knew this was going to happen – Gypsy Warrior left from 5th & Washington in Hoboken last month. And it might even be possible this was by design (i.e., a “pop up store.”)

But what does that tell you about the retail environment in town?

If they knowingly set up a temporary store – that leads one to believe that other than holiday periods – many (non-essential, trivial) retail stores probably struggle to make the rent year round. Something has to give. Imagine Hoboken with no “specialty shops” anywhere except between October and January?

gypsy warrior leaves Hoboken NJ - Gypsy Warrior

Gypsy Warrior – Hoboken, NJ – 501 Washington St.

4/17/2014 update:

Yikes. Coming soon at 501 Washington Street is Gypsy Warrior, which is said to be “A fashion destination for trendsetting girls around the world that showcases a hand-curated collection of clothing, shoes and accessories that embodies the edgy, downtown girl.”

Gypsy Warrior Hoboken NJ 501 Washington St - Gypsy Warrior

How powerful are “social” markets in “real life?”

For one, this place was originally slated to be a Bareburger, but that is not the case. They’re still supposedly coming to Hoboken, but are keeping their final destination under wraps.

But this “Gypsy Warrior” place, I’m a bit nervous about. With Iconic Fashion Lounge closing abruptly (and a “pillow case store” coming next), this may be a bad time to enter the Hoboken (or any) market!

Frankly, this “business” has somewhat of a decent online presence. They’re high on their limited success so far, including a store in Ridgewood, NJ. But looking at their “marketing” they’re primarily targeting “online” chicks, that have zero personality of their own. This is one of those places that thinks they can “think” for the average dim-witted lady. And to be honest, it works in many markets. Because chicks don’t want to think, they want to do what OTHER people think is “IN.”

However, here in Hoboken – I have a strong feeling that this place will not last long. With “tops” and “bottoms” averaging over $50 and “dresses” well over $100 – I think this place will have a short life on the main drag (less than two years).

Now, I’m not necessarily “against” any new business. In fact, I’d prefer local shops over “strip mall” type stores. But this boutique, while they have what seems to be a powerful marketing plan and business model – may still be a bit far from Hoboken’s reach (especially in today’s economic climate – and the pending storm cloud gathering).

I’ll say it again, they seem to have a “well polished” online presence and marketing package – but in the end – it’s “disposable” income. If they can manage to “grab” more of it than other places (like food, rent, fuel), then God bless them. But it is my opinion that more people are “waking up” (slowly albeit), and that extra expenditures like fancy dresses and so on will eventually dwindle down. The models are cute, and the clothes appear “sexy,” but for most semi-chunky Hoboken girls, these outfits will be more like circus-uniforms.

My advice to Hoboken ladies? Enhance your brain-power over your wardrobe. I think that has more long-term staying power that yesterday’s hot trend.

Have a nice day!

brainwashed fashion idiot girl hoboken nj - Gypsy Warrior

Description: Unnecessary “fashion” trinkets to make ladies feel more “complete.” Never works.
Address: 501 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: gypsywarrior.comTwitterFacebook

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Friday, April 18, 2014 9:13 am

Seems they cater to the teen set (Can teens really afford $130 sandals?). I’m all for supporting local businesses, but when their items are overpriced I will still head out to Marshalls or TJ Maxx!

Thursday, April 17, 2014 8:25 pm

They have a store in Ridgewood, NJ that I have heard does pretty well. Not that this a guarantee in this town. Maybe if they sold other sizes other then size0-6 they might have a chance or at least the ability to order a larger size.

Thursday, April 17, 2014 5:29 pm

I visited their website. Looks like they market to girls who love selfies and instagram. They might survive because they have a mindless easy to mold audience.

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