Washington General Store

Washington General Store – Hoboken, NJ – 509 Washington St.

Washington General Store Coming Soon Hoboken NJ“Quickly” taking the place (in name at least) of the doomed Iconic Fashion Lounge ladies “thread” shop at 509 Washington Street is Washington General Store.

Before you get your pants wet, let me share a bit of my “experience.”

See, I guess back in the “old days,” the phrase “general store” meant something along the lines of a “convenience store,” yet with a bit more to offer (like meat and other provisions). And this is what I thought this upcoming retail space would offer. However, being that it’s rather small, I’d guess they’d just offer “1/100th of an ounce” roast beefs and steaks. That said, no way it can be a truly “community functioning” general store. So what the “F” is it going to be?

We have no firm idea, but neighboring businesses seem to know. One very popular shop said it will be “a place that sells pillows, bed sheets, and other things.”

WTF? Don’t we have a 100,000 square foot Bed Bath and Beyond just steps away from Hoboken? And doesn’t every Hoboken resident have eyeball-gouging light-speed internet? Not sure how a pillow-case store can survive, unless my (somewhat foreign-speaking) contact got a few prominent details wrong.

But even if was a store that sold “juicy roast beef slabs smothered in 400 thread count Egyptian sheets,” I still might gag a few macadamia nuts out of my esophagus. Bleh.

Washington General Store Hoboken NJ

Description: New “mystery” home goods store, perhaps. With a somewhat deceiving name.
Address: 509 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: washingtongeneralstore.com

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