World of Beer?

World of Beer – Hoboken, NJ – 100 Sinatra Drive

World of Beer Hoboken NJ coming soon to 100 Sinatra Drive old Melting Pot - World of Beer?Okay, with The Melting Pot franchise closing this past weekend in Hoboken – most people want to know “what next?” Well, word on the street is that the renters of this space at 100 Sinatra Drive, after breaking their franchise contract with The Melting Pot, may enter into yet another franchise opportunity by opening up a World of Beer location.

In a city with dozens of locally-grown bars already – many whom serve unique micro-brews from NJ and beyond (as well as the typical Bud, Coors and Heineken), it makes you wonder if these owners are just franchise suckers?

I suppose the advantage with opening up a known franchise – is that you get a “head start” by being a well-established “brand.” Much in the same way the new owners of Maxwell’s are keeping the name.

However, in the case of a franchise – you’re hit the ground running – UPHILL. With franchise fees and/or commissions, etc. – there is little room for error, especially in a crowded playing field with high rents. But we do recall at some point that this location may have had some kind of favorable rent agreement.

While they do say that running a franchise (if you can afford getting started) is one of the most satisfying ways to make a living as a small business owner these days. But has that ship sailed? We hear groans of “shop local” and perhaps the tide turning against big businesses (franchise power or not). Maybe the return of “mom & pop” might be a good thing here in Hoboken.

Do you think a World of Beer would make a mark here in town? Perhaps for tourists? And do locals really support local businesses? Or just places that are easier on the wallet?

World of Beer Hoboken NJ 100 Sinatra Drive old Melting Pot - World of Beer?

Description: Beer bar (franchise)
Address: 100 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD

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